User guide - 8.x


The Advanced Tables for Confluence app - version 8.x by Appfire, provides advanced features with unlimited possibilities for you to customize your Confluence tables. The app offers some powerful macros that enable you to personalize data formatting, bring dynamic data into your tables, use advanced CSS styling, and perform many more advanced functions and features. 

Featured macros

Purpose and scope

This guide provides details of the configuration required to leverage all the potential Advanced Tables for Confluence has to offer. It also explains a number of key concepts and the featured macros with examples that help in understanding and using the app effectively.

Macro compatibility issue:

There is a compatibility issue when the same Confluence page contains any Advanced Tables for Confluence macros and Refined for Confluence - Content Layout macro. When you edit the page and publish, the Content Layout macro gets reset and loses its configuration changes. But the Advanced Tables for Confluence macros are rendered well. In such cases, we recommend not using the Refined for Confluence - Content Layout macro and Advanced Tables for Confluence macros on the same Confluence page from Advanced Tables for Confluence version 8.6.4.


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