Release notes 4.0

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This page provides information about an individual release of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app.

More release notes for additional versions of this product are available here.


Release Date


  • This release is focused on Confluence 3.1 support.
  • The Table Plus macro now supports RTE editing of tables wrapped by this macro.
  • Users of Confluence 3.1 and above can now use the Macro Browser to prompt for Table Plus and CSV macro parameters.
  • This add-on now provided i18n support, allowing for the translation of default parameter settings and Macro Browser information.
  • Improved compatibility with other macros.

Additional notes


Confluence 3.1 and above only. To fully support the rich text editor (RTE) for 3.1, it was necessary to release a version built specifically for 3.1 and above. All future enhancements will be against this level of code. Users are encouraged to upgrade to Confluence 3.1 to take full advantage of the table plugin.

Translation Help requested

If anyone can contribute new or improved translations, they can be incorporated into the deliverable. Only a few phrases are required for a minimal translation. For examples, unzip the jar and look in the i18n directory. 

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