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The Table Plus macro adds advanced functions and formatting to Confluence tables, by:

  • Dynamically totaling numeric data.
  • Dynamically numbering each table row.
  • Defining the default sort order for the table.
  • Highlighting a row when the user hovers the pointer over it.
  • Using CSS to style the entire table or individual columns and rows.

This macro supports Common table capabilities. This adds column sorting and other attributes to one or more tables found in the body of the macro. The tables can be produced by wiki markup or other means. Clicking on a column heading will cause that column to be sorted. Clicking again will reverse the order. Note that the excel, csv, or sql macros already have most of these capabilities.

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Basic Use

This macro can be deployed using one of the following methods:

Selected from the Macro BrowserTable Plus
Markup Shortcut{table-plus}

In the body of the macro, insert a Confluence table as you normally would and edit the row and columns as needed. On rendering or preview, the table-plus macro will process the table to add the advanced capabilities according to the parameters specified on the macro.



(info) Click a column heading to toggle the sorting of that column.

Common Parameters

The following parameters are part of our common table capabilities that are available to many macros that produce or modify tables.

(info) Click a column heading to toggle the sorting of that column.


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