Administrator's Guide

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This Administrator's Guide covers installation instructions and other administrative features and functions (where relevant) that are available within the Table Library for Bob Swift Add-ons add-on. 

For additional information on using this add-on, please refer to the User's Guide.

Automatically installed with other add-on

Normally, administrators should not install or un-install this add-on. It is a component that is automatically installed by add-ons that need it. The main add-on will install the minimum version of this add-on that is required. 

Do not disable this add-on

 Disabling or removing this add-on will disable any add-on that depends on it.

Macros using this add-on's capabilities


Product installation

Bob Swift Atlassian apps use Atlassian installation and licensing support. Using the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) provides general information on finding and installing apps. Here is a brief outline for installing Bob Swift Atlassian apps on Atlassian server products. There are some differences depending on the Atlassian server version and UPM version. This section is geared to new product installs. If you are upgrading, see Atlassian's Updating apps. Note that HipChat apps are not covered by these instructions as HipChat does not use the UPM.

Resolve installation problems

Refer to How to resolve installation problems to resolve many common installation problems.