Turbo Kit

Welcome to the Turbo Kit for Jira!


Turbo Kit for Jira offers powerful JQL based auto-create capability to create new issues on transition with custom-field cloning, automatic linking to the parent, and control fail behavior to prevent or allow transitions. The app allows you to conditionally calculate and set field values on transition. It also presents rightly formatted common data in the form of custom field types for you to use while configuring your transitions.

Product highlights

You can perform the following during workflow transitions:

  • Create a new issue from existing using powerful JQL queries
  • Auto-link issues to the parent
  • Modify Project, Issue Type, and Summary
  • Calculate or set field values
  • Play with pre-formatted custom field types
  • Control transitions using JQL and Status was conditions
  • Perform transition checks using JQL, Comment, and Field Value validators

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