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Custom Field Types

Special Input Fields

Administrative rights are required to edit workflows and add/modify the below workflow functionality.

Jira doesn't ship with many of the fields you might expect to find for ensuring properly formatted commonly found data, so we added a few for you.

Social Security Number

Ensures a properly-formed, legitimate United States Social Security Number (SSN) is entered with validation message upon error. Includes validation for known invalid entries (i.e. 000 prefixes)

  • xxx-xxx-xxxx


Phone Number

Ensures a properly-formed, legitimate United States +1 phone number. Accepts following formats with optional country code prefixes:

  • +xx xxx-xxx-xxxx

  • +xx (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  • +xx xxx.xxx.xxxx

  • xxxxxxxxxx

  • xxx-xxx-xxxx extxxxx


Zip Code, Zip+Plus

Ensures a properly-formed United States Zip and Zip+Plus Postal Code. Does not validate for legitimacy.

  • xxxxx

  • xxxxx+xxxx

Email Address

Ensures a properly-formed email address is entered.

Regex Validated Single Line Text Field

There are many other instances where values must be validated for proprietary formats or accommodate global, specific national codes and formats.

Define a regular expression that must be matched for the field input to be valid. The validated field types above are common uses, but if those don’t cover everything you need to validate, you can use this field type to create a field with your own regular expression.

Once you’ve created the field, navigate to the custom field configuration and modify the Regex validation.


Table Field

Turbo Kit allows you to add a custom field to track dynamic tables. Using JSON tables you can create custom tables with validated field data.


Column Title


Validates entry. Supported column types are:

  • string

  • email

  • number



[ {columnName: Name, columnType:string}, {columnName: Email, columnType:email} ]


Users can add as many rows to a table as desired, while viewing the table on a screen.