Release notes 1.0.0 - Cloud

What's new

Introduction to Excel for Confluence Cloud

Teams using Atlassian cloud products can now render data from Excel files to Confluence pages with the Excel for Confluence cloud app. This cloud app provides the same powerful features that users know and love from the server version, including importing and formatting Excel data from a variety of locations with a variety of styles.

Easily migrate app's content from server to cloud

Migrate your Excel content from server to cloud with ease. Refer to our Migration from Server to Cloud guide for an easy transition.

Use of URLs is safe and manageable

Use the Whitelist settings to secure all of your Bob Swift Confluence Cloud apps to a known URL list. To learn more about managing URLs, refer to the configuration details in Whitelist.

Access Excel data from external locations with profiles

Use profiles to access your Excel files from external sources without exposing any sensitive and/or secure information such as passwords. Administrators define a basic set of parameters such as the base URL of the location where the Excel files are present, user name, password, and any other information relevant to access the said location. Users then only need to specify the relative path to the actual location of the Excel file(s) through the Excel macro settings. For more information about creating profiles, refer to the documentation and the tutorial.

Resolved issues