Release notes 6.3

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This page provides information about an individual release of the Excel for Confluence app.

More release notes for additional versions of this product are available here.

Release highlights

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  • Allow Export of Table View
    • UI to download or export (as attachment) a CSV representation of the table view
  • Administration configuration option to control size of xlsx files to prevent memory issues
  • Support for Confluence locking (sticky) headers
  • Fixes

Additional notes

Incompatibility notice

This release enforces a limit on the size of XLSX files that may be displayed. Some files on existing pages may not be viewable. This limit was imposed to avoid out of memory errors caused by larger XLSX files. The limit can be set by the Confluence administrator using the Configure button for the app in Manage apps. Administrators can increase the default limit provided their instances have larger memory settings and their XLSX files are not causing memory issues. The conversion of XLSX files consumes runtime memory that is 100s of times the file size (sad). While we have made improvements in our handling, the underlying library is known to be memory intensive and is unlikely to improve anytime soon.

Resolved issues

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