Migration from Plugin Studio


Atlassian's Plugin Studio is no longer accepting new projects and will not be upgraded with new support. As a result, all of the project's listed below have been migrated to this site. The projects on the existing Plugin Studio site will remain but update access has been curtailed. For more details, see Migration details.


Atlassian has removed the plugin studio. Any links to it are dead now.

What was migrated?

  1. User profiles for any user that participated in the project by creating or updated issues, added comments to issues, created or updated pages, added comments to pages. The user id, name, and email are migrated. Users will need to change their password on initial access. No other user attributes were migrated. Some profiles failed to be copied.
  2. Each project's Confluence space has been restored and should be equivalent to the old. Exceptions were Dynamic Table Plugin for Confluence and Crucible Command Line Interface (CLI) which had to be copied.
  3. JIRA issues have been migrated to preserve their issue key. However, creation date and history were not migrated.
  4. JIRA issue comments were recreated with the original author in most cases. Creation date will be the migration date (sad) with an indication of the original date. Some comments failed to be copied. The original issue with all the comments will remain on the old site for some time.
  5. JIRA voters and watchers were migrated. Some votes could not be registered if there were problems using the user id.
  6. JIRA attachments for unresolved issues were migrated.