Sidebar pagetree modifications


Most of our spaces use modified and styled left sidebar. With the demise of the Documentation theme, we restructured it to work with the default theme. There were a series of problems with this, the last one being discussed in CONF-41129. While we thought we were close to the end of these problems, the 2016-04-11 Cloud update broke us again as noted in the issue. This describes the automation we used to fix this.



Fortunately, we standardized all of our space specific side-bars consistently with a single page in each space called _LeftSide. The workaround was to change a specific span macro to a div. We also decided to change the id to avoid potential conflicts with future Confluence modifications from PageTree to PageTree_override.

Confluence CLI script for mass change
--action runFromSpaceList --common "--action modifyPage --special \" #  ~\" --comment \"span to div pagetree fix\" --space @space@ --title _LeftSide --findReplaceRegex \"<ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id=~[^~]*~ ac:name=~span~ ac:schema-version=~1~><ac:parameter ac:name=~id~>PageTree<#<ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id=~fab7f0fa-f05b-4f2a-9628-3c37989fdbab~ ac:name=~div~ ac:schema-version=~1~><ac:parameter ac:name=~id~>PageTree_override<\" "