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Jira Release Support

8.5 - 8.22, 9.0(tick)(tick)(tick)LTS 8.5, 8.13, 8.20
8.0-8.4(error)(error)(error)Atlassian EOL
4.0 - 7.13(error)(error)(error)Atlassian EOL (end of life)

Jira Data Center

Atlassian announced Jira Data Center as part of the Jira 6.3 announce. All add-ons are tested on Jira Data Center, usually on the most recent enterprise release designated by Atlassian.

Support policy for Server

  • License must have a non-expired maintenance window.
  • App version must be used with compatible host server version as indicated in the Marketplace listing.
  • The latest app version compatible with the host server version is supported. You will be asked to upgrade to the latest app level for problem determination and fixes in most cases.
  • General rule is to support at least host server versions released within the past year. Limited support may be available for earlier versions up to their end of life (EOL) following Atlassian Support End of Life Policy
  • A version, in our terminology, means a release indicated by x.y (like 4.1). Minor/maintenance versions (like 4.1.1) are not counted.

Support policy for Cloud

  • Cloud instances are automatically updated unless our app requires authorization for additional permissions in which case the update is delayed until an administrator approves.

Other Notes



(warning)Limited Support
(error)Not Supported



Jira Supported Platforms (Atlassian)

Atlassian Support End of Life Policy 

Atlassian CLI Compatibility

Compatibility for Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) generally follows the compatibility list above. More detailed compatibility can be found dependent on the ACLI release being used.

See also the general Atlassian compatibility information.

Compatibility by release