Bamboo builds are used to run various automation scripts for this site and other business purposes. This involves using tools like GINT - Groovy Integration Test Framework and various Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) products.

ActionFrequencyDescriptionTools UsedHow done?
Page updatesdailyProducts page is updated from a private database.

SQL for Confluence

Run CLI Actions in Confluence

Run CLI Actions in Bamboo

Attachment updatesdailyComing soon attachment is a csv attachment build from a getContentList action run against this site.Run CLI Actions in Bamboo How was coming soon automated?
Marketplace linksdailyTest Marketplace entry links are valid. Includes page or download references to this site.

GINT test

Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI)

Unknown linksweeklyTest this site's links and images are defined and are available to anonymous users.

GINT test

Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) 

Automatic uploading of deliverableson build successAutomatically uploads SNAPSHOT deliverables for CLI plugins to Confluence ACLI downloads page.Run CLI Actions in BambooBamboo for automatic uploads to Confluence