A number of macros that produce or modify tables share common capabilities as described below. A JavaScript enabled browser is required to enable most of these capabilities.


  • Column sorting - sort a column by clicking on column heading. Clicking again will reverse the order. 
  • Data specific sorting - see the columnTypes parameter
  • Column selection - hide columns
  • Auto sort of selected column
  • Auto numbering of rows - ability to automatically add a leading column with the data row count.
  • Auto totaling of numeric columns
  • Row highlighting on mouseover - the row is highlighted when mouse goes over any row element for non-heading rows
  • Row styles - ability to set CSS at the row level
  • Column styles - ability to set CSS at the column level
  • Column attributes - ability to set the display attributes (color, font) on a column basis
  • Table attributes - set table class, table style, and row styles - See Style Table Columns

Macros that include this support

Common parameters

Date sorting

See Advanced Date Sorting.


|columnAttributes=style="text-align:center;", ,style="background:yellow; font-size:14pt;"}
|| Name || Phone || TCP ||
| John | 555-1234 | |
| Mary Lou | 555-2134 | |
| Bob | 555-4527 | |

which renders as: