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A number of macros that produce or modify tables share common capabilities as described below. A JavaScript enabled browser is required to enable most of these capabilities.


  • Column sorting - sort a column by clicking on column heading. Clicking again will reverse the order. 
  • Data specific sorting - see the columnTypes parameter
  • Column selection - hide columns
  • Auto sort of selected column
  • Auto numbering of rows - ability to automatically add a leading column with the data row count.
  • Auto totaling of numeric columns
  • Row highlighting on mouseover - the row is highlighted when mouse goes over any row element for non-heading rows
  • Row styles - ability to set CSS at the row level
  • Column styles - ability to set CSS at the column level
  • Column attributes - ability to set the display attributes (color, font) on a column basis
  • Table attributes - set table class, table style, and row styles - See Style Table Columns

Macros that include this support

Common parameters

The following parameters are part of our common table capabilities that are available to many macros that produce or modify tables.

(info) Click a column heading to toggle the sorting of that column.

Date sorting

See Advanced Date Sorting.


|columnAttributes=style="text-align:center;", ,style="background:yellow; font-size:14pt;"}
|| Name || Phone || TCP ||
| John | 555-1234 | |
| Mary Lou | 555-2134 | |
| Bob | 555-4527 | |

which renders as:

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