Tips for using Confluence Questions


This site uses Confluence Questions as the primary knowledge sharing tool for the community of users of Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons. We encourage and welcome your contribution of questions and answers. The following are some tips for using this site's implementation of Confluence Questions!


Asking a Question

Using Topics

We have pre-loaded a large number of topics to help organization, searching, and to make it as effective as possible when using the feature to watch specific topics. Everyone benefits if you choose the appropriate topic on your question. Many topics have been categorized by a naming convention.

When creating a question:

  1. Select an add-on (by clicking) from the featured topic list that is most appropriate for your question.
  2. Consider adding additional topics by going down to the topic entry line. Start typing and look at the suggested topics that appear. Note that you can scroll the selections. For example:
    • Type sql and notice the suggestions.
    • Type macro and notice the suggestions.
    • Type post-function and notice the suggestions.

Watching Topics

Click on any topic that is listed for a question and you will see all the question related to that topic. If the topic is of particular interest to you, you can Watch it and be notified of other questions on the same topic.