Bob Swift

About Me

I have been an Atlassian customer, product administrator, plugin/add-on/app developer, and fan since 2005! In my former role as an Architect at a high availability software company, I brought in Atlassian software to improve productivity and help adoption of agile development methodologies. Starting with Confluence and Jira and later expanding to other Atlassian products, Atlassian software become a critical part of our software development process.

Plugins, plugins, and more plugins. Soon after discovering Atlassian software, I starting building plugins in my spare time for fun motivated by thinking of new ways to improve productivity and increase enjoyment for developers and others at your company. The Chart Plugin for Confluence was the first plugin followed by many more Confluence plugins and other tools. While Confluence was the focus initially, now there are tools and plugins for many Atlassian products. A common theme of much of the work was integrating Atlassian software with external data and systems. For instance, SQL for Confluence (Pro Edition). A key achievement in this area was the release of the Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) in 2008 which later was named Winner of Codegeist IV: Best Cross-product Integration - announcement (winnings were donated to Room to Read).

Throughout this period, I have been an active member and contributor to the Atlassian ecosystem including contributing over 30 open source plugins and tools.

In June 2012, Bob Swift Software, LLC was formed to provide commercial level support and improvements to the software.

In January 2014, Bob Swift Software, LLC joined with Appfire Technologies and was rebranded as Bob Swift Atlassian Apps. I continue my role as chief cook and bottle washer Chief Product Architect and developer (wink).